Because our students work so diligently on their Torah and academic studies, we provide social and recreational programs to make every day an exciting day at Heichal.

Each day, talmidim enjoy exercising and playing ball in our professional-size gym and playing ping pong in the student lounge during lunch, the afternoon break period and during dinner. Students work out in the fitness gym daily and swim in our pool twice a week.

The Yeshiva goes on numerous trips, which serve to create a social environment that fosters friendship and camaraderie among the talmidim and Rabbeim. This year, on the second day of yeshiva, the talmidim travelled to the Lehigh River for the annual opening of the year rafting trip. As the talmidim paddled down the river, they became acquainted with their new chaveirim and Rabbeim. During the winter months, the talmidim head to Hunter Mountain for skiing and snowtubing. On Lag BaOmer, the talmidim play sports in Teaneck’s Votee Park. The Yeshiva also rents out entire water-parks and amusement-parks for the Yeshiva to enjoy for the day.

Whether davening together, laughing together or dancing together, the Heichal talmidim love spending quality time with our Yachad friends, who share our Yeshiva building. Other chesed projects include volunteering for Nefesh B’Nefesh to assist people making Aliyah, visiting the elderly at CareOne, and helping Yad Leah package lifts of clothing to send to Israel for those in need.

Jewish History
On Yom HaShoah, the Yeshiva invites survivors to discuss their personal experiences during the Shoah and their miraculous stories of survival. On Yom HaAtzmaut, the Yeshiva invites Israeli soldiers to discuss their wartime missions and the Yad Hashem they experienced during their service.

Heichal takes seriously our role in the general community. We coordinate community-wide events, such as our Siyum Hashas which took place once at our annual dinner; our Hei-Chol beis medrash program during bein hazemanim, in concert with Cong. Beth Abraham in Bergenfield; and our much-anticipated Purim night mesibah, which is the largest of its kind in our area and attended by hundreds of people representing a cross-section of Bergen County Jewry.

Clubs at Heichal

Lifeguarding – Students learn CPR and first aid, and will have the opportunity to receive lifeguard certification.
Automotive – Students learn the basics of automotive engineering, including how to change a tire and perform an oil change.
Cooking – Students learn the basics of how to cook dinner and holiday dishes with Mrs. Stechler.
Coding – Students are instructed in the finer points of computer coding, “the language of the 21st century.”
Chess – Students learn new strategies, tactics and rules to improve their skills in chess and participate in ongoing tournaments.
Stock Market Challenge – Students participate in the Stock Market Challenge, a national high school-level competition to create the most profitable portfolio in the nation.
Flag Football – Our team plays flag football in the intense Mesivta Football League on Sunday afternoons.
Basketball – Heichal’s Junior Varsity and Varsity basketball teams play in the highly competitive Young Israel Basketball League.
Tennis – Students learn the finer points of this fast-paced sport from coach Rabbi Moshe Genack, a competitive tennis player.
Krav Maga – Students learn the Israeli art of hand-to-hand combat, imbuing them with self- confidence and discipline.
Band – Using state-of-the-art musical instruments, band members work together to create ruach at Heichal events.
Ulpan Elective – Intensive Hebrew Language immersion club with Israeli teachers prepares our talmidim to speak Hebrew when they visit and learn in Israel.
Torah Bowl – Talmidim prepare large sections of Chumash and then test their knowledge in competitions with other Yeshivas.
Safrus – Talmidim learn the fascinating and timeless craft of safrus, including how to write every letter like a true sofer.
Jewish History Elective – Rabbi Westreich will lead the Talmidim through a survey of fascinating periods in our people’s history.