Because our students work so diligently on their Torah and academic studies, we provide social and recreational programs to make every day an exciting day at Heichal.


Each day, talmidim enjoy exercising and playing ball in our professional-size gym and playing ping pong in the student lounge during lunch, the afternoon break period and during dinner. Students work out in the fitness gym daily and swim in our pool twice a week.


The Yeshiva goes on numerous trips, which serve to create a social environment that fosters friendship and camaraderie among the talmidim and Rabbeim. This year, on the second day of yeshiva, the talmidim travelled to the Lehigh River for the annual opening of the year rafting trip. As the talmidim paddled down the river, they became acquainted with their new chaveirim and Rabbeim. During the winter months, the talmidim head to Hunter Mountain for skiing and snowtubing. On Lag BaOmer, the talmidim play sports in Teaneck’s Votee Park. The Yeshiva also rents out entire water-parks and amusement-parks for the Yeshiva to enjoy for the day.

Educational Trips
One new thing we will be doing this year will be going on educational trips. Each grade will be going on their own trip. Sophomores will be going to Philadelphia for a one day extravaganza on October 23rd. Freshman will be headed to the American Museum of Natural History on November 13th. We are beyond excited to announce the junior class will be going to Washington DC, part of a two day trip, on March 25th-26th. The seniors will be going to the Museum of Jewish Heritage during the week of Yom HaShoah.

Heichal Shabatonim – Fall Semester

Freshmen and Senior Shabbaton
Our Freshman & Senior Shabbaton is scheduled for Shabbos, Parshas Noach (October 20-22). We are going to this amazing estate for an unforgettable Shabbos with friends and Rebbeim! Check it out: http://estatesbybrophy.com/. We will be staying at Deer Ridge Estate and the adjacent River View Estate.

Sophomore and Junior Shabbaton
Sophomores & Juniors will be returning to the one and only Springwell Manor on November 17th-19th.

On June 3rd-5th, we will be coming together as a Yeshiva, 100 boys strong, in a special surprise location, to spend an amazing Shabbos together. I can’t wait!

Senior Trip
We are planning an amazing new special senior trip for the end of the year. Details to follow.


Whether davening together, laughing together or dancing together, the Heichal talmidim love spending quality time with our Yachad friends, who share our Yeshiva building. Other chesed projects include volunteering for Nefesh B’Nefesh to assist people making Aliyah, visiting the elderly at CareOne, and helping Yad Leah package lifts of clothing to send to Israel for those in need.

Heichal Athletics Program

Basketball Intramurals

Basketball intramurals will be starting Monday, October 23rd as follows:
-9th and 10th graders will have their games during afternoon break.
-11th & 12th grade games will be played during dinner breaks on Monday and Thursdays.

Every student is encouraged to participate in intramurals. Don’t miss out!

Heichal Hornets Basketball Teams

Tryouts for the Junior Varsity basketball teams will be held Sunday, October 22nd at 5:30-7:00 PM and for the Varsity at 7:00 – 8:30 PM.

Heichal Hornets Softball Teams
Tryouts for the Junior Varsity and Varsity teams will be held after winter vacation.

After-School CMEK Sports
Heichal has partnered with CMEK to bring first-rate sports programming to Heichal talmidim. On Friday afternoons, starting Friday, October 20th, and for the next 13 Fridays, CMEK will be running a basketball or all-sports program at 12:30 PM immediately following yeshiva. The two programs will focus on skill building, team strategy and game situations. Contact Chad Mekles of CMEK directly to participate in the program at201.927.3027 or cmek@aol.com. There is a cost for this program.

Heichal Football and Baseball PTC Tournaments
On Sunday, November 19, Heichal will hold the inaugural PTC Flag Football Tournament.
On Sunday, March 18, Heichal will hold our first PTC Baseball Tournament. Detail to follow.
The winning team will be listed on a giant trophy to be displayed in the gym!!

7th and 8th Grade Charity Football Tournament
Isaac Rubenstein and Yonah Tarzik will be coordinating a charity football tournament to raise funds for Beit Elazrachi. All 7th and 8th graders are invited the November 25th 10 AM at Votee Park. If you would like to referee or help with the tournament, please see Isaac or Yonah.

Jewish History

On Yom HaShoah, the Yeshiva invites survivors to discuss their personal experiences during the Shoah and their miraculous stories of survival. On Yom HaAtzmaut, the Yeshiva invites Israeli soldiers to discuss their wartime missions and the Yad Hashem they experienced during their service.


Heichal takes seriously our role in the general community. We coordinate community-wide events, such as our Siyum Hashas which took place once at our annual dinner; our Hei-Chol beis medrash program during bein hazemanim, in concert with Cong. Beth Abraham in Bergenfield; and our much-anticipated Purim night mesibah, which is the largest of its kind in our area and attended by hundreds of people representing a cross-section of Bergen County Jewry.

Clubs at Heichal

Clubs will begin on October 16th. The deadline to register is October 1st.



Mrs. Gail Stechler
For Grades: 9/10th
When: Thursdays 2:15-3:00
Where: Heichal kitchen
About: Hone your culinary skills with Heichal’s very own Mrs. Stechler.
Lifeguard Certification
Yehoshua Szafranski
Cost: $200-300 (based on number of participants)
When: Sundays or Fridays (based on participants)
Where: Heichal pool
About: This 30 hour lifeguarding course will give you the skill to save lives and may also open up some great employment opportunities.
“Our Home” Improvement
Rabbi Shimon Kronenberg
When: Tuesdays 2:15-3:00 (9/10th) 3:15-4:00 (11/12th)
Where: Various locations
About: Work as a team in a fun atmosphere while learning home improvement. We will be fixing up and cleaning up our very own building and learning some great skills along the way. Snacks will be sponsored!
Stock Market Challenge
Rabbi Aryeh Westreich
When: Thursdays 6:10-6:55
Where: Classroom (TBD)
About: Learn investing techniques and compete with your peers from across the globe to prove your financial prowess!
Binyamin Ginsberg
When: Mondays 6:10-6:55
Where: Band room
About: This is your chance to show and grow your musical skills while being a part of something bigger.
Krav Mega
Captain Eilon Even-Esh
When: Mondays 2:15-3:00 (9/10th) 3:15-4:00 (11/12th)
Where: TBD
About: Learn world-class self-defense techniques from Captain Eilon Even-Esh.
Pnina Kaplan
When: Mondays 6:10-6:55
Where: Classroom (TBD)
About: Vastly improve your conversational Hebrew skills from an experienced ulpan instructor.
Torah Bowl
Rabbi Malavsky
When: Lunch (Day TBD)
Where: Classroom (TBD)
About: Heichal Torah Bowl team members will meet and participate in competitions throughout the year. Challenging questions are drawn from Chumash, Rashi, Nevi’im, Kesuvim and Halacha.
Hands-On Halacha
Rabbi Yitzchak Weinberger
For Grades: 9/10th
When: Wednesdays 2:15-3:00
Where: Classroom (TBD)
About: Learn hands-on halacha with Rabbi Yitzchak Weinberger, including opening tefillin, checking mezuzos, safrus and more.
Chesed Crew
Mrs. Elana Kaplan
When: Various
Where: Various
About: Take part in a wide range of chesed opportunities ranging from Tomchei Shabbos to visiting elderly individuals.
SAT Prep
Mrs. Sara Yehuda
For Grades: 11/12th
Cost: $825/Student
When: Wednesdays 3:15-4:00
Where: Classroom (TBD)
About: This is the next best thing to a private tutor. The course will include sixteen 45-minute sessions. We will need a minimum of 10 students to participate.
Drivers Ed
Nancy Lustenberger (FNL Driving School)
For Grades: New Jersey Sophomores only
Cost: $125/Student
When: Fridays 12:30-2:30
Where: Classroom (TBD)
About: By completing the full 30 hour drivers ed class, students will have the ability to receive their learners permit at 16 and license at 17. Students will also be eligible for insurance discounts.
Programming Electronics
Dr. Joel Berman
For Grades: 9/10th
When: Mondays & Thursdays 2:15-3:00
Where: TBD
About: Learn animation programming (processing), circuit and robotics programming (C++/wiring), as well as circuitry theory and practice.
Science Olympiad
Dr. Joel Berman
For Grades: 9/10th
When: Tuesdays 2:15-3:00
Where: Classroom (TBD)
About: This multi-yeshiva competition takes place at Lander College around Purim time. There are about 15 events in all manners of science and engineering. We’ll need at least 12 students to commit to weekly practice starting in November.
Dr. Joel Berman
For Grades: 9/10th
When: Wednesdays 2:15-3:00
Where: TBD
About: Learn how to read star charts and how telescopes work.
Jerusalem Science Contest
Dr. Joel Berman
For Grades: 11/12th
When: Mondays 6:10-6:55
Where: Classroom (TBD)
About: This is for motivated juniors and seniors. The topic of this year’s competition is nanotechnology and associated Torah topics. No prior knowledge is necessary. Interested students are provided with textual materials as well as videos to learn from. Winners can earn scholarships and prizes.
School Newspaper
David Kosowsky
When: TBD
Where: TBD
About: Get your start as a journalist by being a part of our very own school newspaper. All factors of production will be needed.
Computer Coding Concepts
Avi Areman
When: Thursdays 6:10-6:55
Where: Classroom (TBD)
About: Learn and develop computer programming and coding skills while learning core concepts about computer software.
Web Design Club
Dov Hochbaum
When: Mondays 6:10-6:55
About: Students will learn how to create and share content on the web. They will learn to structure their webpages using HTML and CSS. The students will be able to create a website that they can publish on the web.
First Aid/CPR Certification
Neal Wigod, EMT
When: Thursdays 6:10-6:55
Where: Classroom (TBD)
About: Be prepared for an emergency, whether at school, camp, babysitting or shul groups. Looks great on your resume.
Chess Team
Lead By: TBD
When: Mondays 6:10-6:55
Where: Classroom (TBD)
About: For the first time ever, Heichal Hatorah will be competing in the Western Division of the yeshiva chess league. Compete against MTA, TABC, JEC and Rambam for a spot on the league playoffs.
Kumzits Guitar Hero
Rabbi Shimon Kronenberg
Cost: $150 (for guitar)
When: Thursdays 2:15-3:00 (9/10th) 3:15-4:00 (11/12th)
Where: Band Room
About: Learn to play guitar. No experience necessary, just commitment.
Thursday Night Chulent Crew
Rabbi Shimon Kronenberg
For Grades: 11/12th
When: Wednesdays 3:15-4:00
Where: Kitchen
About: We’ll keep the recipe a crew secret.
If you have any further questions please contact Rabbi Kronenberg at rsk@heichalhatorah.org.