Senior Program

Limudei Kodesh: Transitioning to the Yeshiva Gedolah Experience
For the first three years, we endeavor to inspire and train our talmidim to learn independently in a beis medrash setting, and to give them the skills to study and analyze Gemara with Rishonim and Acharonim. For the twelfth grade, we focus on preparing our talmidim to seamlessly enter the finest yeshivos at the yeshiva gedolah level. Towards this end, we have carefully constructed a special senior
program which includes a beis medrash-level iyun shiur, a “Masechta Mastery” elective, and a weekly extended night seder program.

Beis Medrash Iyun Shiur
Heichal seniors are offered an advanced beis medrash-level in-depth iyun seder under the direction of Rav Komet from 9:15 am until noon. The talmidim spend most of morning seder learning bechavrusah to prepare for shiur, focusing on an analysis of the sugya and in-depth examination of the classic Talmudic commentaries. Rav Komet then gives shiur every day for the final 45 minutes of seder. Talmidim are accepted into this shiur based upon demonstrated abilities and commitment to a high level of learning. All other senior talmidim are placed in one of three other iyun shiurim—Honors Iyun, Intermediate Iyun or Basic Iyun.

Masechta Mastery Elective
Talmidim accepted into this optional beis medrash program learn a separate masechta during bekius seder and night seder. During the second period of the General Studies program, a bekius shiur covering material learned during bekius seder is given by one of our dedicated Rabbeim. By year’s end, the talmidim will have learned the entire masechta and mastered numerous “halachah lema’aseh” sugyas relevant to the masechta. Our talmidim also learn these topics in the Mishnah Berurah during their morning halachah seder, learning practical halachah in these areas.

Voluntary Additional Night Seder
Seniors are encouraged to stay after Maariv on Thursday nights, from 8:15 – 9:00 PM, for an optional mishmar. The Masechta Mastery program continues at this time, but all Heichal talmidim are invited and encouraged to stay and learn. As in the past, refreshments will be served. Our Night Seder Rebbe will be available during this time to answer questions and guide the learning.

General Studies: College Level Courses and Exciting Electives
Throughout your son’s first three years at Heichal, he is continuously challenged and given a thorough general studies education to prepare him for college-level work. During his senior year, he will have the opportunity to take college-level courses, receive college credit and pursue exciting electives.

Advanced Placement Courses
Students can be accepted into AP Calculus, AP Physics, AP English Language and Literature. AP Chemistry, AP European and US History are offered in tenth and eleventh grades.

Senior Electives
Business Math: Students not taking AP Calculus take Business Math. This is a two-semester course wherein students learn to use mathematics effectively as a tool in their personal and business lives. After students have completed this course, they are able to apply mathematical concepts to various personal and business situations, such as computing interest rates, job costing, merchandising, payroll, credit, taxes, insurance, and global business and investments.

Forensics: Students not taking AP Physics will take Forensics. Forensic science is the application of science to the law and encompasses various scientific disciplines. This course introduces various methodologies and applications used in the forensic context. Topics discussed include organic and inorganic chemical analyses of physical evidence, principles of serology and DNA analysis, ballistics, arson, fingerprint analysis, drug analysis and document examination.

School-Wide Electives
Numerous other electives are offered to seniors and open to other students during the break hours. These courses run once or twice a week. These electives are only offered when there is significant interest. Possible electives include: Coding, Jewish History, Navi, and Ulpan– Hebrew Immersion.

The Future Begins Now: Receiving College Credit as a Heichal senior
Heichal participates in Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Middle College Program, which allows students to earn college credits while taking high school classes at Heichal. Faculty from FDU, upon invitation from Heichal, visit and deliver guest lectures during the academic year.

Israel Guidance
During the course of the year, Rav Stechler works closely with various yeshivos in Israel to evaluate their suitability for our talmidim. Heichal allows selected yeshiva representatives the opportunity to speak to our talmidim about the strengths of their yeshivos. It is the policy of Heichal not to promote any specific yeshiva to our talmidim. Rather, our role is to help our talmidim and their parents find the best fit to for their educational needs, learning style and hashkafic outlook. Heichal also believes that each talmid and his parents should consider whether learning in Israel for the following year is in the talmid’s best interest. To that end, we will invite yeshivos in America to discuss their first year beis medrash programs with our talmidim.

College Guidance
Rabbi Ronnie Malavsky oversees the college guidance department. Once the school year begins, a great deal of information starts to flow to the parents and students to make sure they are fully informed about the entire college application procedure. Individual meetings are set with each student and his parents to discuss options and to answer any questions. SAT and ACT information manuals are distributed which allows you to better decide which standardized test is best for your son.