We believe that the key measure of a talmid’s success is his love for learning and Avodas Hashem. We hope to instill ahavah and excitement for Yiddishkeit in each and and every talmid.

Special Concerts
Our annual kumsitz with Yosef Karduner and Purim chagigah with Eitan Katz afford the talmidim the opportunity to open their hearts and sing to Hashem. Through heartfelt niggunim and leibedik dancing, our talmidim feel a renewed excitement and commitment to their Avodas Hashem.

Thursday Night Tisches
Every Thursday night the talmidim hear inspirational Divrei Torah from Rav Moshe Tzvi Weinberg, frequently accompanied with scrumptious chulent and singing.

Several times over the course of the year, the Yeshiva gathers together in Monsey, Passaic, or Bergenfield for an “In- Shabbos.” The davening, meals, onegs and sedarim of these weekends create an exciting and fun environment for the talmidim to bond with their Rabbeim and each other. Additionally, twice a year, the entire yeshiva travels to a special location for a Shabbos of fun and inspiration. Whether in the mountains or in a giant mansion, the change of scenery and fresh air inspire the talmidim to build a more meaningful connection to Hashem. Highlights of the Shabbatonim include, lively singing at Kabbalas Shabbos and the tisch, leibedik dancing at the melaveh malkah, words of inspiration from the Rosh Yeshiva and Rabbeim, a barbecue, hikes and serious football tournaments. All of our Rabbeim live in the same communities as the talmidim. This allows for a deeper connection between the Rabbeim and the talmidim and their families. Rabbeim often invite the talmidim over for Shabbos meals.

A mussar seder before both Minchah and Maariv inspires our students to daven with kavanah and intensity. Additionally, mussar focuses on the development of each talmid’s character and stresses the importance of derech eretz. Our mussar sedarim focus on seforim that teach mussar in a positive and warm manner. Most days one mussar seder will be used as an opportunity for a Rebbe or guest Rebbe to offer words of inspiration.

Karasick Shalem High School at Heichal HaTorah
Heichal HaTorah is proud to announce our new partnership with SINAI’s Rabbi Mark and Linda Karasick Shalem High School for Boys. SINAI students are full members of the Heichal student community. Together with their Heichal peers, they participate in many of the daily activities including traveling to school, davening, meal time, and the other extracurricular activities offered by Heichal. SINAI offers many inclusion opportunities that our Heichal students take advantage of including the Lunch and Gym Buddy programs. Through this partnership, the SINAI students have become part of the larger Heichal family.