General Studies

General Studies

The goal of the Heichal HaTorah Yeshiva General Studies program is to provide a challenging, comprehensive education with an academic curriculum that is designed to prepare students to fulfill their potential in institutions of higher education. We hope to mold our young adults for a worthy future of life-long learning, productivity in the workforce and exemplary daily living.

Heichal’s curriculum meets and exceeds the mandates of The New Jersey State Education Department.
The NJ State requirements are 3 years of Science (two lab), 3 years of History (two American), 3 years of Mathematics and 4 years of Language Arts. All the requirements will generally be completed, except for Language Arts, as of the end of the Junior year. Therefore, to fill in the afternoon course requirements for the 12th grade, we will be able to offer a variety of Elective classes. These classes will require attendance and satisfactory completion to enable a student to graduate with a Heichal Diploma. The choice of classes will be chosen by a majority vote of the students and their parents.

Graduation requirements for a Heichal diploma is by attaining 32 credits over the four years of high school with an overall 4-year GPA of at least a 65%. Each course is generally worth one credit (some limudei kodesh classes are worth more and some less than a full credit) and passing is a 65% for each.

The math program is designed to meet students’ needs within the wide range of their math backgrounds. In all courses, students are given the opportunity to work at a comfortable yet challenging level. All students are exposed to all the necessary requirements for success in college math. Ninth graders begin with Geometry and, depending on math courses taken in middle school and on mathematical ability, move on to either Algebra I or Algebra II in tenth grade. Eleventh graders study Algebra II or Pre-Calculus. Twelfth graders take either AP Calculus or Finite Math. The math department is current with the math topics covered in the ACT and the new SAT, and will adjust as necessary.

English courses are designed to help students develop critical reading and writing skills and the ability to write clearly and correctly. Students are exposed to the best of classical and contemporary literature and to articles and works of non-fiction which they analyze, discuss and write about throughout their high school years. The primary focus of the department, however, is on writing and communication skills. Our strongest readers and writers are prepared to take the AP Language & Composition Exam.

Students study Biology in ninth grade, Chemistry in tenth grade, and Physics in eleventh grade. Students in the honor sections of these classes are prepared to take an SAT subject test in June. Our strongest science students will take an Advanced Placement course in one of the sciences in Grade Twelve. Other students will have the opportunity to take a fourth year of science or an appropriate elective. Our goal is to move beyond the facts and figures presented in the textbooks and to teach our students to be critical thinkers. In an age of daily scientific advancement, it is imperative that we help our students achieve the scientific literacy that they will need to participate in intelligent discussions of science and technology, to understand the implications of technological advancements and, as adults, to make informed choices about scientific matters that, undoubtedly, will affect their daily lives.

The history program is designed to help students understand how we came to be as twenty-first century Jews, Americans, Westerners, and citizens of the world. Throughout the history curriculum, great emphasis is placed on the development of writing and researching skills, as well as the ability to extract both information and concepts from the text. Students begin with Ancient & Classical History in ninth grade, move on to a two-year sequence in American History (which includes, when appropriate, both the AP Exam and the SAT subject test), and then study Modern European History in twelfth grade.

College Guidance
Beginning in junior year, Rabbi Malavsky meets personally with each student and his parents to determine his goals for college acceptance and scholarship opportunities. Pulling from his three decades in high school leadership, Rabbi Malavsky crafts a personal plan to aid each student to meet his goals. This includes advice on standardized testing success, the application process, and extracurricular activities.


English (8 Semesters)

(Language Usage, Composition Survey of American Literature, Survey of English Literature)

Mathematics (6 Semesters)

(Geometry, Algebra I, Algebra II, or Pre-Calculus)

Sciences (4 Semesters)

(Biology, Chemistry, or Physics/Forensics/Psychology)

Social Studies (6 Semesters)

(World History, US History I, US History II)

Physical Education  (8 semesters)


  • AP Biology
  • AP Calculus
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP English Literature
  • AP Language Arts
  • AP Physics
  • AP Psychology
  • AP US History


  • Business Math
  • Coding
  • Masechta Mastery
  • Ulpan