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My son found a second home at Heichal. The Torah environment combined with the warmth and concern for every talmid is the perfect recipe for an amazing Yeshiva.


My son found a second home at Heichal. The Torah environment combined with the warmth and concern for every talmid is the perfect recipe for an amazing Yeshiva.


Dear Future Talmidim,

Our common goal in this world is to utilize all the kochos, talents and opportunities given to us as we grow into true Ovdei Hashem.
With the guidance of exemplary rebbeim and chaveirim, Heichal HaTorah affords each boy exactly that opportunity.
Heichal HaTorah’s Rebbeim are warm, sensitive, and caring talmidei chachamim who are fully committed to the development, success, and happiness of each talmid.
There are four tracks per grade in Gemara and Chumash, ensuring that each talmid is challenged at his level. Talmidim spend time focusing on learning skills and then move on to learning in chavrusos and attending shiurim that include lomdus and analysis. Each shiur is tailor-made to bring each talmid to the next level of learning.


At Heichal HaTorah, you will find an environment where talmidim feel comfortable, accepted and happy. Each talmid adds so much and is appreciated for who he is. When one does well, others celebrate with him, and when one needs encouragement, his friends are there for him.
We look forward to meeting you and helping you connect with Hashem in your own individual way.

Rav Avi Oberlander
Judaic Studies Principal

My experience with Heichal HaTorah was a really positive one. The rabbeim at Heichal are really caring and always there for each and every talmid. It was really beautiful being part of an institution that stands for Torah and the spreading of Torah. I had such a wonderful time at Heichal that I wish I could go back!



Rav Avi Oberlander is the Principal of Judaic Studies.

Rav Oberlander studied in Yeshivas Toras Moshe and the Mir in Israel, and has worked for decades as a mechanech in middle school, high school, and bais medrash programs.

Most recently, Rav Oberlander served as Sgan Menahel of the Waterbury Mesivta and Rosh Chaburah in the Waterbury Bais Medrash program.

Rav Oberlander is a caring and concerned mechanech, who is well-known for the individualized attention he offers each talmid.

Heichal HaTorah’s primary goal is to inspire our talmidim to deepen their relationship with Hashem; to love Torah learning, to daven passionately, and to develop exemplary midos. We strive to develop our talmidim into true b’nei Torah who view life through the prism of Torah.

The yeshiva’s second goal is to equip our talmidim with the tools to become talmidei chachamim by enabling them to read and analyze the Gemara with rishonim and acharonim. Additionally, our students achieve the successful mastery of a complete masechta of Gemara every year. Independent and chavrusah learning skills are honed through numerous sedarim in the beis medrash and during night seder.
These goals are achieved because of our all-star team of rebbeim who are renowned for their vast bekius in Shas, their sophisticated analysis of the most difficult sugyas, and the ability to convey their knowledge in a clear and dynamic manner. The relationships they form with their talmidim motivate the boys to emulate their scholarship and commitment to Judaism.


Gemara Iyun
9:10  – 11:10 AM

Our talmidim study a challenging masechta each year with the goal of acquiring skills to “make a leining” on Gemara, Rashi, Tosafos, and other major rishonim and acharonim. Our rebbeim provide outstanding training in the analysis of each word and its implication. They teach students to uncover the conceptual underpinnings of the sugya. Significant time is allotted to chavrusah learning, as talmidim prepare for and review the shiur.

Gemara Bekius

12:40 – 2:00 PM

A second masechta is selected each year for bekius learning. Each talmid masters an entire masechta each year. Talmidim take regular bechinos on dapim and perakim, culminating in a year-end masechta bechina. Talmidim of the Yeshiva will complete four of the following Masechtas: Berachos, Rosh Hashanah, Megillah, Succah, Kiddushin, Gittin or Sotah. There is no prouder moment for our yeshiva or our parents than when our talmidim stand proudly at the podium at the end of the year to recite the Hadran on the masechtos that they have learned and then recite it once again after the summer when they make another siyum on the same masechta, which they reviewed over the summer.


Halacha and Chumash
11:15 AM – 12:00 PM

Every morning, talmidim study halacha. The Yeshiva follows a four-year cycle that completes the entire Kitzur Shulchan Aruch and Kitzur Hilchos Shabbos. This provides the requisite knowledge for our talmidim to live a life of diligent shemiras hamitzvos. Heichal talmidim learn parshas hashavuah with Rashi and other meforshim on a daily basis. Our rebbeim stress the fact that the Torah informs and inspires our avodas Hashem and everyday lives.



Our Rosh Yeshiva, Hanhallah, and rebbeim present motivational speeches before or after shacharis, mincha and maariv. Derech eretz is emphasized as an essential characteristic of a ben Torah. Drawing from seforim that teach mussar in a positive manner inspires our talmidim to daven, live, and learn with passion and excitement.


Night Seder
Mondays and ThursdayS
7:00 – 7:55 PM followed by Maariv

Monday night seder offers our talmidim the opportunity to participate in dynamic chaburahs offered by older mentors from upper-classmen and the Heichal Bais Medrash. These mentors serve as role models and participate in Heichal trips, special events, and Shabbatons. On Thursday nights, all talmidim review Bekius with their rebbeim. The talmidim daven maariv together as a yeshiva at 7:55 PM.

Over the four years my son spent at Heichal, he grew in knowledge, skill, confidence and maturity. I am so grateful to the Heichal administration and staff for helping my son grow into the best version of himself!



Rav Pesach Skulnick is the Senior Ram and 9th grade Rebbe and the first Rebbe who partnered with Rav Stechler to form Heichal.
Rav Skulnick learned in Ner Yisroel in Baltimore for 17 years and offered an afternoon chaburah to advanced students. Hundreds of Ner Yisroel talmidim consider Rav Skulnick their Rebbe Muvhak.
He has spent the last 15 summers at Camp Romimu, where he teaches the ninth grade shiur. He completed his undergraduate degree and CPA studies at the University of Maryland. He studied in Kerem B’ Yavneh for two years. Rav Skulnick’s warm and personable character, coupled with his deep concern for the religious and emotional development of each talmid, make him one of the most sought-after rebbeim in the country.
Rav Skulnick enjoys playing basketball with the talmidim and often invites them over to his home to enjoy the Rebbetzin’s baking.

Rav Jason Finkelstein

Rav Jason Finkelstein is a rebbe at Heichal. Rav Finkelstein studied at Yeshivat Hakotel and then continued on to Yeshiva University where he spent many years learning with Rav Michael Rosensweig and developing a close relationship with Rav Meir Twersky through YU’s Masmidim program. He was a member of the Wexner Kollel Elyon, and partook in extensive rabbinic training.

Rabbi Finkelstein was a beloved seventh and eighth-grade rebbe at Yeshivat Noam and has been involved in numerous roles of harbatzas HaTorah throughout the Teaneck community. His passion for learning and his ability to connect with all his talmidim makes a lasting imprint on his students.

Rav Moshe Genack

Rav Moshe Genack has been teaching Torah in formal and informal settings for over ten years. His shiurim have become known for their clarity of thought and presentation, as he is able to make complex sugyos comprehensible and coherent. A talmid of Shaar HaTorah and Mir Yerushalayim, he credits his rebbeim for their profound impact on his derech haLimud.

The author and editor of numerous seforim, he most recently published Kalos Moshe, about which Rav Asher Weiss wrote, “I am astounded how the author dove into intricate topics with great knowledge and lucidity.” Rav Genack graduated from Touro College with a B.A. in Psychology and received an M.B.A. in nonprofit management. He completed his semicha at RIETS where he studied under Rav Hershel Schachter.

Rav Shimon Kronenberg

Rav Shimon Kronenberg learned in Yeshivat Sha’alvim as well as Yeshivas Ohr Hachaim. While in Ohr Hachaim, he attended Touro College, majoring in Judaic Studies. Rav Kronenberg taught Gemara at Yeshivat Noam and worked for NCSY as a summer camp rebbe and chapter director. Rav Kronenberg serves as a Rebbe at Heichal, Heichal Facilities Manager and leader of the Heichal Chesed Club.

Rav Dani Staum

Rav Dani Staum received semichah from the renowned Rav Berel Wein and graduated from Fordham University with a Masters in Social Work, with a special focus on adolescent mental health.

He has served as a division head at Camp Dora Golding as well as rebbe, teacher, general studies principal, and guidance counselor at several top-tier yeshivas and day schools. A sought-after speaker and noted author on issues relating to the mental health of teenage boys, Rav Staum has distinguished himself as a leader in the guidance of young men.

Rabbi Staum serves as a 9th grade Rebbe at Heichal and he has authored and edited many Heichal publications.


A close talmid of Rav Meir Twersky, Rav Dovid Komet also studied under the tutelage of Rav Hershel Schachter, and in the Kollel Elyon of YU. Rav Komet received a B.A. in Mathematics from Yeshiva College. He later became a Meishiv at the RJJ Yeshiva of Edison. Over the past two decades, Rav Komet developed a stellar reputation as a master mechanech and talmid chacham. After many years as the tenth grade rebbe and pre-Calculus and Calculus teacher at Moshe Aaron Yeshiva High School, Rav Komet served as Menahel of MAYHS for three years. For many years, he served as the S’gan Menahel of Shaarei Tzion in Piscataway, NJ. Rav Komet is respected for his sincere and warm personality, coupled with a sharp sense of humor, which enables him to form life-long relationships with his talmidim. Heichal is extremely blessed that Rav Komet decided to return to the classroom and serve as our tenth grade rebbe and Honors Mathematics teacher. Heichal is extremely blessed that Rav Komet has served as a Heichal Rebbe, Israel Guidance and Honors Math teacher for many years.

Rav Shua Katz

Raised in Teaneck, NJ, Rav Shua Katz is now a member of the Wexner Kollel Elyon at RIETS, YU, and Rosh Beis Medrash at Darchei Noam of Fair Lawn, NJ. Previously, he served as Rabbinic Intern at Young Israel of Passaic-Clifton and as a Rosh Chabura at the YU Young Alumni Night Seder in Teaneck, NJ.

After growing up in Teaneck, Rabbi Katz learned for two years in Yeshivat Har Etzion and then for six years with his Rebbe, Rav Michael Rosensweig, for whom he served as Shiur Assistant. Rabbi Katz received his Semicha from RIETS, a BA in philosophy from YU and an MA in Jewish Philosophy from Bernard Revel Graduate School. He now lives in Fair Lawn with his wife Bracha, a school psychologist, and their sons Effy and Eliezer. Rav Katz will be teaching Bekius at Heichal.


Rav Mordechai Reiss is a tenth grade Bekius Rebbe and a Bais Medrash night seder Rebbe at Heichal HaTorah. Mordechai grew up in Flatbush where he attended Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim for elementary and high school.

He attended Philadelphia Yeshiva for bais medrash where he learned under Rav Shmuel Kaminetsky, Shlit”a and earned a bachelors in talmudic law. He then learned in Eretz Yisroel in the yeshiva of Rav Dovid Soloveitchik zt”l where he spent two years learning Kodshim. He then went on to learn in Bais Medrash Gavoha for a number of years earning a masters in Talmudic Law.

Mordechai currently resides in Passaic where he was a member of the Passaic Clifton Community Kollel for three years. Mordechai gives a weekly Halacha shiur at Rabbi Halberstam’s shul in Passaic.

Rav Zev Senter

After studying in Israel for three years at Kerem B’Yavneh, Rav Zev Senter received his B.S. in Accounting from Lander College, where he learned under the guidance of Rav Eliyahu Soloveitchik and Rav Yonason Sacks. Rav Senter serves as a rebbe in Heichal and is the director of Camp Shoko.

Rav Eli Zakutinsky

Rav Eli Zakutinsky is a night seder rebbe at Heichal. Rav Zakutinsky learned in Yeshivas Shaar HaTorah and the Mir, where he learned under Rav Asher Arieli and Rav Akiva Friedman. He went on to receive semicha from Yeshivas Mir and Rav Zalman Druck. Rav Zakutinsky served as a shoel u’meishiv in Yeshivas Merkaz HaTorah for two years before moving back to America. Rav Zakutinsky currently lives in Passaic with his wife and children.


Rav Daniel Schwechter is the Heichal Mashgiach and an Iyun rebbe. Rav Schwechter learned in Yeshivat Reishit for one year under Rav Chaim Soloveitchik, and at YU under Rav Baruch Simon. Rav Schwechter has an undergraduate degree in Psychology, from Yeshiva University. He received semichah from Rav Schachter after learning in his kollel for three years, two of which he spent in the satellite kollel in the DRS beis medrash with Rosh Kollel Rav Shmuel Marcus. After receiving semichah, he became a rebbe at Westchester Day School, and eventually became the Mashgiach Ruchani. Rav Schwechter is the rav of a teen minyan on Shabbos. Rav Schwechter is renowned for his commitment to and connection with all types of talmidim.

Rav Ronen Dvash

Rav Ronen Dvash grew up in Staten Island, New York. He learned in the Beis Medrash L’Talmud/Lander College Kollel for nine years while earning semichah and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Touro University.

Rav Dvash was the Rav of Ohr HaTorah of Kew Gardens Hills for many years. Currently he is a Rebbe at Heichal and a Rebbe at Machon Ora in Passaic, NJ.

Rav Chaim Marcus

Rav Chaim Marcus is the Heichal Mashpiah and also teaches an Iyun shiur to seniors. Rav Marcus studied under Rav Aharon Lichtenstein zt”l, at Yeshivat Har Etzion, and earned his semichah at RIETS, at Yeshiva University. In addition to serving as the marah d’asrah of Congregation Israel of Springfield (CIS), Rav Marcus was the Senior Halacha Rabbi of Bruriah High School for Girls for nearly two decades, and leads the Semichat Chaver program at CIS. “It is an honor that Rav Marcus, one of the most influential and inspirational rabbis in our community, has chosen Heichal to continue to his illustrious chinuch career,” said Rav Stechler.

Rav Menashe Mazurek

Rav Menashe Mazurek coordinates the Super Bekius program at Heichal. Rav Mazurek studied at Yeshiva Derech Hatalmud in Israel for three years, then graduated from Yeshiva University with a degree in history. He received semichah from Yeshiva University as a member of the Bella and Harry Wexner Semikha Honors Program and completed a fellowship as a member of the Israel Henry Beren Kollel Elyon. Rav Mazurek worked as a shoel u’maishiv at Yeshiva University for two years.

Rav Aryeh Westreich

Rav Aryeh Westreich is a graduate of Ner Yisroel in Baltimore, where he received a Master’s in Talmudic Law. Afterward, Rav Westreich entered the Katz Kollel of Yeshiva University, under the auspices of Rav Hershel Schachter, and later moved to the Israel Henry Beren Kollel Elyon. Rav Westreich was an assistant rebbe in YU’s Mazer Yeshiva Program. He is currently pursuing an MBA at Loyola University and an MA in Jewish Philosophy at Bernard Revel Graduate School.


Rav Michoel Parnes teaches the most advanced Iyun shiur at Heichal HaTorah. Rav Parnes is a veteran mechanech and talmid chacham who came to Heichal after serving as rebbe for the twelfth grade honors shiur at JEC for 36 years. Rav Parnes received his semichah from the Mirrer Yeshiva of Brooklyn, New York. He also studied at the Mirrer Yeshiva in Israel, and at YU under the Gaon HaRav Dr. Joseph Ber Solovetchik, zt”l. He has the privilege of being a chavrusa with his father, HaRav Yehuda Parnes, the esteemed maggid shiur at YU and Lander College.

Rav Parnes is known for earning the respect of his students and inspiring them to live up to their full potential. His talmidim emerge highly skilled and sought-after by prestigious yeshivos in Israel. Rav Parnes has maintained close relationships with his talmidim long after graduation, as they transition into adults and contributing members of their communities. He is always available for his past and present talmidim to discuss any and all life issues.

Rabbi Dr. Joel Berman

A former IDF officer, Dr. Berman received his PhD from Rutgers University in Chemical Physics and today is Heichal’s Assistant Principal of STEM. He teaches a number of advanced courses in Physics and runs our popular engineering club. He is responsible for a series of exciting upgrades to Heichal’s state-of-the-art STEM laboratory, including the installation of a 3D printer, tesla coil, vacuum chamber, optics bench, and spectrophotometer. Dr. Berman also works with Heichal students who compete in Touro College’s annual Science Olympiad and the Jerusalem Science Contest, an international competition coordinated by the Machon Lev School of Technology in Israel.

Rav Yitzchak Reichman

Rav Reichman is a talmid of Yeshiva Shaar HaTorah in Queens, where he developed a close relationship with the roshei yeshiva, Rav Kalman Epstein, shlit”a, and Rav Sholom Spitz, shlit”a, his father in law. In Eretz Yisroel, he learned in Yeshivas Brisk under the leadership of Rav Avrohom Yehoshua Soloveitchik.

For 14 years, he learned in kollel in Bais Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, New Jersey, including, 6 years as a rosh chabura. This chabura focuses on the combination of classical lomdus and halacha, attracted a large number of outstanding avreichim interested in the derech haLimud as well as the hadracha they would receive in formal chaburos and one-on-one discussions.

Rav Yitzchok also collaborated with his father, Rav Herschel Reichman of Yeshiva University, on a number of volumes of Reshimos Shiurei HaGrid Soloveichik, the shiurim of Rav Yosef Dov Soloveitchik, Rosh Yeshiva of YU.

Rav Eli Weinberg

Rav Eli Weinberg, grew up in Toronto. He learned in Mir Yeshiva for two years under Rabbi Asher Arieli. From there he went to Bais Medrash Govoha where he learned for many years and received his Semicha.

Rav Weinberg was a Rosh Kollel teaching Halacha in depth to avreichim before joining Heichal HaToRAH. He currently is a Rav/Rebbe in Madison Title where he spends the rest of the day learning and counseling their employees. At night he is a Chosson Rebbe, teaching the halachos and giving guidance before and after marriage.

Rav Yehuda Willig

Rav Yehuda Willig leads the optional night seder program at Heichal and teaches medical ethics from a Halachic perspective. Rav Willig currently serves as a maggid shiur at RIETS, at Yeshiva University.

An alumnus of Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh as well as Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim, Rav Willig earned his BA at Yeshiva College and received his semichah from RIETS, where he was a member of the Wexner Semikha Honors Program. He also spent time as a fellow at the Beren Institute for Higher Talmudic Studies. In the summer, Rav Willig serves as mara d’asra of Camp HASC.

Chavrusahs with Bais Medrash Talmidim and Upperclassman at Monday Night Seder

Super Bekius

During junior and senior year, talmidim can opt to learn an extra hour of bekius and finish a larger masechta, such as Berachos, Gittin or Kidushin.

Optional Night Seder

Many boys voluntarily stay in the yeshiva each night for night seder. After joining the Bais Medrash talmidim for dinner, these high school boys have a two-hour Gemara seder each night.

Bein HaZmanim Incentive Program

Talmidim who learn more than 10 hours will receive Chickies for dinner

Talmidim who learn more than 25 hours will go out to Dougie’s for dinner.

Talmidim who learn more than 40 hours will go out to ETC. Steakhouse for dinner

MASECHES TAMID Natan Altmark, Meishar Rieser MASECHES GITIN Meir Aschkenasy, Zevi Gross, Zvi Neugroschl, Laib Newmark, Eliyahu Sanders, Yehuda Weiss, Dovi Zauderer MASECHES MEGILLAH Yehuda Besser, Azriel Brandwein, Tzvi Buchen, Nosson Feigenbaum, Shmuel Feuer, Akiva Fogelman, Akiva Fried, Hillel Fried, Gavriel Glass, Netanel Goldfischer, Abie Jacoby, Moshe Levy, Tzvi Mintz, Shai Kruter, Avraham Rothenberg, Aryeh Schimel, Shaya Waltuch, Ezra Weiss, Shimmy Wellikoff, Yissachar Zauderer MASECHES ROSH HASHANAH Shlomo Dombeck, Shimon Goldman, Rami Knapp, Nachum Pietruszka MASECHES SUKKAH Judah Gross, Zev Mallin, Dovi Morell, Levi Rusanov, Shmuel Schreiber, Daniel Wertentheil MASECHES SOTTAH Noam Kra, Azriel Laster, Yehuda Rosenbaum, Raffi Sobell SUKKAH & ERCHIN Aaron Schwartz, Moshe Weissmann
During the year, the vast majority of the talmidim in the yeshiva finish the bekius masechta they learn, review it, master it and take a test on the entire masechta. In 2021, over 100 talmidim finished the masechta. At the end of the year, Heichal coordinates a grand siyum, with live music from exciting musicians such as Zusha and Eitan Katz, and a key-note address from Gedolei Yisroel such as Rav Menachem Genack, CEO of OU Kosher; Rav Yerucham Olshin, Rosh Yeshiva of Lakewood; and Rav Lazer Ginzburg, Rosh Kollel Mir Brooklyn. Parents of those participating in the siyum are invited to attend and schep nachas from this amazing accomplishment.

Chavrusahs with Bais Medrash Talmidim and Upperclassman at Monday Night Seder

Super Bekius

During junior and senior year, talmidim can opt to learn an extra hour of bekius and finish a larger masechta, such as Berachos, Gittin or Kidushin.

Optional Night Seder

Many boys voluntarily stay in the yeshiva each night for night seder. After joining the Bais Medrash talmidim for dinner, these high school boys have a two-hour Gemara seder each night.

We are so incredibly grateful and lucky to be apart of Heichal HaTorah. The yeshiva cares about each individual boy and works tirelessly so that our son can be successful. The rebbeim have been so warm and kind and really try to teach each talmid at their level. Our son goes to school happily and comes home happy which means a lot to us.


Bein HaZmanim Incentive Program

  • Talmidim who learn more than 10 hours
    will receive Chickies for dinner

  • Talmidim who learn more than 25 hours
    will go out to Dougie’s for dinner.

  • Talmidim who learn more than 40 hours will
    go out to ETC. Steakhouse for dinner

Most of the talmidim opt to receive seforim gift cards instead of eating at a restaurant

I have only been at Heichal for a few weeks and I already feel that the way I learn, the way I daven, and the way I serve Hashem has changed for the better.


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